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High Temperature Cast Iron Plate Frame Filter Press For Ceramics Separation

High Temperature Cast Iron Plate Frame Filter Press For Ceramics Separation

    • High Temperature Cast Iron Plate Frame Filter Press For Ceramics Separation
    • High Temperature Cast Iron Plate Frame Filter Press For Ceramics Separation
  • High Temperature Cast Iron Plate Frame Filter Press For Ceramics Separation

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: TOPER
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: BY50/800-25U

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
    Price: USD14500/SET
    Packaging Details: Export standard wooden package.
    Delivery Time: 30 working days after receive your payment
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 50 sets per month for this cast iron filter press
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    Detailed Product Description
    Filter Area: 50m2 Filter Plate Size: 800*800mm
    Filter Chamber Volume: 624L Filter Plate And Number Number: 38pcs
    Frame Number: 39pcs Filtrating Pressure: 0.6Mpa
    Motor Power: 2.2kw Main Feature: To Bear High Temperature To Be 350C.
    Construction: Cast Iron. Weight: 7650kg
    Function: Solid-liquid Separation Conditon: New
    Application: Petrochemical,metallurgy,oil,ceramics Industry

    Cast Iron High Temperature Plate Frame Filter Press For Ceramics Separation


    Introduction of filter:

    Frame part:

    The frame part is the main body of the machine to support the filter mechanism and connect other parts. It is mainly composed of thrust plate, compression plate, cylinder block and main beam.
    Filtering part:

    It is composed of filter plates arranged in a certain order on the main beam and filter cloth sandwiched between the filter plates. The filter plates and filter cloth are arranged alternately to form several independent filter units.
    Pull board part:
    1 Automatic pull plate, the automatic pull plate part is composed of hydraulic motor, manipulator, transmission mechanism and suspension device.
    2 Manually pull the board, and manually pull the board in turn for unloading.
    Hydraulic part:

    The hydraulic part is a power device that drives the compression plate to compress or loosen the filter plate, and is equipped with a plunger pump and various control valves.
    Motor part:

    The motor part is the control center of the entire system.


    Brief introduction of Cast Iron Filter Press:

    The cast iron filter press is made of high-quality cast iron or ductile iron precision casting.

    It has the characteristics of high filter plate strength, high filtration pressure, high temperature resistance, high filtration speed, low filter cake moisture, fast discharge, and long service life.

    It is suitable for the filtration of ceramic industry, petrochemical industry, grease, mechanical oil decolorization and other products with high viscosity, high temperature and low moisture content. .
    The filter press uses the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth to force most of the water in the material to pass through the filter cloth and flow out of the body, while the material is blocked in the filter chamber to form a filter cake to achieve the purpose of filtration.

    Due to the relatively large pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth during the filtration process, the filtration speed is increased and the water content of the filter cake is reduced, and the special filter cloth is used to make the filtrate pure and the filtration effect is much better than that of the vacuum filter.
    The filter press still has a good effect even when dealing with materials that are difficult to filter, and it is easy to be treated with anti-corrosion, and its structure is simple and easy to operate.



    1, The filter plate is made of cast iron, it can resist high temperature and high pressure, long service life.
    2, Cast iron construction ensures its ultra strong resistance to high temperature, suitable for filtrating high temperature material with high strength cast iron filter plate, such as gelatin, edible oil.
    3, Main beam is made of high quality carbon steel with sand blasting processing, not easy to out of shape, high intensity and corrosion resisting.
    4, It compressing way is by manual Jack operation or by gear, simple and easy to use. 5, Compact structure, small volume, covering less space, saving cost.

    High Temperature Cast Iron Plate Frame Filter Press For Ceramics Separation


    Technical data of this cast iron filter press:


    Type Filter area (m2) Filter plate size (mm) Cake thickness (mm) Chamber volume (L) Plate number (pcs) Frame number (pcs) Filtrating pressure (Mpa) Weight (kg)



    BQ1/320-25 1 320 x 320 25 13 4 5 1.0 380 1150×760×650
    BQ2/320-25 2 25 9 10 500 1390×760×650
    BQ3/320-25 3 38 14 15 620 1750×760×650
    BQ4/450-25 4 450 x 450 25 51 9 10 0.8 1060 1780×760×650
    BQ6/450-25 6 76 14 15 1160 2055×870×880
    BQ8/450-25 8 102 19 20 1360 235×870×880
    BQ12/450-25 12 152 29 30 1530 2785×870×880
    BQ16/450-25 16 203 39 40 1760 3305×870×880
    XQ4/450-25 4 450 x 450 25 51 9   1.0 960 1900×870×880
    XQ6/450-25 6 76 14 1140 2030×870×880
    XQ8/450-25 8 102 19 1460 2280×870×880
    XQ12/450-25 12 152 29 1960 2780×870×880
    XQ16/450-25 16 203 39 2460 3280×870×880
    BQ20/630-25 20 630 x630 25 298 24 25 0.6 3300 2750×1150×1100
    BQ30/630-25 30 452 37 38 4500 3220×1150×1100
    BQ40/630-25 40 295 49 50 5600 3870×1150×1100
    BY20/630-25 20 298 24 25 3700 2960×1150×1100
    BY30/630-25 30 452 37 38 5000 3610×1150×1100
    BY40/630-25 40 595 49 50 6100 4210×1150×1100
    XQ20/630-25 20 25 248 24   0.8 3400 2600×1100×1100
    XQ30/630-25 30 377 37 4700 3250×1100×1100
    XQ40/630-25 40 496 49 5900 3900×1100×1100
    XY20/630-25 20 248 24   3800 2950×1100×1100
    XY30/630-25 30 377 37 5200 3580×1100×1100
    XY40/630-25 40 496 49 6400 4180×1100×1100




    Filter presses can be divided into plate and frame type and are used for solidliquid separation of various suspending liquid in intermittent pressure filtration. Filter plates are pressed by pressing devices and suspending liquid is pumped into the filter chamber. Solid particles and separated through filter cloth. The products are simple in structure but good in separating effects, convenient in use, and widely applicable to mining, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, medicine, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, foodstuff, alcohol, inorganic salt, coal washing, dyestuff and sewage treatment industries.


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    About Toper

    Zhengzhou Toper is the leading suppiler of industrial equipment in China,and also the professional exporter and service provider of filter and separation equipment.

    We focus on full service for filtering project from design to after-sales service and fast supply of spare parts.


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    How to order filter press:

    1. Select the model,plate and fram material,pressing mode and filtering form by considering the filter press introduction and parameters.
    2. According to your products,select open flow and close flow ,washable or non-washable,and specify the conditions in the contract.
    3. The unit is provided without pump.To order the unit complete pumps,state it in the contract.
    4. Our company can supply non-standard model to meet your special demands.



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