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Industrial Mechanical Filter Press With 1250*1250mm Filter Plate 4kw Motor Power

Industrial Mechanical Filter Press With 1250*1250mm Filter Plate 4kw Motor Power

    • Industrial Mechanical Filter Press With 1250*1250mm Filter Plate 4kw Motor Power
    • Industrial Mechanical Filter Press With 1250*1250mm Filter Plate 4kw Motor Power
  • Industrial Mechanical Filter Press With 1250*1250mm Filter Plate 4kw Motor Power

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: TOPER
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: XGZ150/1250-30U

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: Negotiable
    Price: Negotiable
    Packaging Details: Export standard wooden package.
    Delivery Time: 20-30 working days after receive your payment
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, D/A, D/P, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 500 sets per month for this membrane filter press
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    Detailed Product Description
    Filtration Are A: 150 Square Meter Chamber And Membrane Plate Dimension: 1250mm Square One
    Filtration Chamber Volume: 2547 Liters Chamber And Membrane All Number: 55 Pieces
    Filtrating Pressure: 0.6-1.2Mpa Motor Power: 4kw
    Discharge: Automatically By Itself Voltage: As Your Need
    Filter Plate Type: Membrane Plate +chamber Plate Filter Plate Materail: TPE+ PP
    Filter Medium: Filter Cloth
    High Light:

    sludge dewatering equipment


    sludge filter press

    Industrial Mechanical Filter Press With 1250*1250mm Filter Plate 4kw Motor Power



    Membrane filter press consists of membrane plate and filter chamber made of ordered filter plates. The slurry materials are sent to filter chamber by the pressure of feeding pump and then go into filtrating media(filter cloth) to separate solid and liquid in slurry material.When solid in slurry material becomes cake shape, air is sent to membrane to fully squeeze the solid to reduce moisture content. If users have high requirement about filtration of sticky material and moisture content ratio, this machine has its own special characteristics to meet the need.



    Advantages of this membrane filter press:


    1. The membrane filter using a filter plate expansion design. Plates gas to make it through the expansion and deformation, squeezing filter plate in the middle of the cake, thereby reducing cake moisture.

    2. The gas cleaning technology. Stop feeding until the filter when the filter plate cake was introduced into high-strength pressure gas, further dried residue after filtration, which can reduce the residue among the capillary water, and water structures. (Preceding two advantages combined effect of moisture filter cake can be reduced to about 9%.)

    3. Using filter plates slope design. Above the feed port design membrane filter press, filter plate through the ramps, so that the filtrate sufficient contact with the membrane, the maximum filter to improve the filtration rate, increase work efficiency.

    4. The structure of the filter plate. Each piece is composed of a combination plate filter plate and a polypropylene filter plate composed together, and the combination plate is composed of two filter box, there are two equivalent while filtering cloth, like, not only to facilitate the replacement of cloth, but also makes efficiency multiplied.

    5. The filter plate material. Plates membrane filter press is generally made of glass fiber reinforced polypropylene, natural rubber membrane using such a device using a stable, cracking experiments up to 10 million times.

    6. Automation. Membrane filter press equipment using automatic wash cloth design, saving water, saving time. Also features automatic unloading design, which can have a control person.



    Operation process of membrane filter press:


    1. The hydraulic unit drive the head plate to press the middle plates and filter cloth between head plate and tail plate. And chambers form between every two plates.

    2. The pump will deliver the mud into the chambers. Solids retainled in the chamber to be cake, and liquid flow out. Until the cakes is full. Then pump stops.

    3. With about 10 minutes pressure holding. When you see there is no liquid flow it, the squeezing process finishs.

    4. The plate shifter device will help to pull the plates one by one, and cake will discharge automatically.



    This automatic membrane filter press is hot sale in the below infustry:


    1. Chemicals

    dyes, pigments, alum white powder, manganese, caustic soda, soda ash, chloralkali 

    salt mud, white carbon black, saponin, graphite, bleaching powder, 

    Synaptic powder, phosphor, sodium hydrosulfite, potassium chlorate, 

    potassium sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferric hydroxide, 

    water purification agent (aluminum sulfate, chloride, 

    basic aluminum chloride) and so on.

    2. Medicine

    Antibiotics (chlortetracycline, erythromycin, spiramycin, Jinggangmeisu, 

    Midecamycin, tetracycline, berberine, oxytetracycline), 

    calcium phytate, medicine inositol, growth derived sand,

    organic phosphorus, glucoamylase.

    3. Food

    rice wine, white wine, fruit juice, soft drinks, beer, yeast, citric acid, 

    vegetable protein, plant density sweetener, glucose, stevia, 

    maltose, starch, rice flour, corn syrup, gum, carrageenan, MSG, 

    spices, sauce liquid , oral, soy, seaweed.

    4. Refining white oil, sesame oil, light oil, glycerin, machine oil, vegetable oil.
    5. Clay kaolin, bentonite, activated clay, clay, electronic ceramics clay.
    6. Wastewater treatment

    a variety of liquid chemical waste water, sewage smelting, electroplating 

    wastewater, sewage leather, printing and dyeing wastewater, 

    sewage brewing, pharmaceutical waste water, sewage and 

    other environmental particulates clarify new equipment purification process.


    All technical data of our membrane filter press:




    Filter area(m2) Filter plate size(mm) Filter cake thickness(mm) Filter chamber volume(L)

    Filter plate number


    Filtrating pressure


    Motor power






    XG30/870-30U 30 870×870 30 427 23 0.6 4.0 2680 3490×1250×1300
    XG40/870-30U 40 534 29 3050 3880×1250×1300
    XG50/870-30U 50 676 37 3465 4400×1250×1300
    XG60/870-30U 60 818 45 4003 4920×1250×1300
    XG70/870-30U 70 960 53 4584 5240×1250×1300
    XG80/870-30U 80 1103 61 5082 5760×1250×1300
    XG50/1000-30U 50 1000×1000 665 27 0.6 4.0 4352 4270×1500×1400
    XG60/1000-30U 60 808 33 4480 4770×1500×1400
    XG70/1000-30U 70 950 39 5263 5130×1500×1400
    XG80/1000-30U 80 1093 45 5719 5560×1500×1400
    XG100/1000-30U 100 1378 57 6555 6410×1500×1400
    XG120/1000-30U 120 1663 69 7466 7260×1500×1400



    Filter area


    Filter plate size(mm)

    Filter cake thickness


    Filter chamber volume


    Filter plate number


    Filtrating pressure


    Motor power







    XGZY80/1250-35U 80 1250×1250 35 1364 29 0.6 4.0 10900 4830×1800×1600
    XGZY100/1250-35U 100 1680 37 11750 5440×1800×1600
    XGZY120/1250-35U 120 2092 45 12600 6060×1800×1600
    XGZY150/1250-35U 150 2547 55 13620 6820×1800×1600
    XGZY160/1250-35U 160 2729 59 14470 7130×1800×1600
    XGZY200/1250-35U 200 3457 73 15320 8200×1800×1600
    XGZY240/1250-35U 240 4093 89 16170 9420×1800×1600
    XGZY250/1250-35U 250 4276 91 17020 9570×1800×1600
    XGZY200/1500-35U 200 1500×1500 3922 49 7.5 26120 7140×2200×2000
    XGZY250/1500-35U 250 4463 61 26930 7730×2200×2000
    XGZY300/1500-35U 300 5274 73 28160 8720×2000×1820
    XGZY350/1500-35U 350 6221 85 29600 10110×2000×1820
    XGZY400/1500-35U 400 7032 99 31500 11260×2000×1820
    XGZY450/1500-35U 450 7844 111 33400 12250×2000×1820
    XGZY500/1500-35U 500 8791 123 33380 13240×2000×1820
    XGZY600/2000-40U 600 2000×2000 40 12000 85 54164 13030×3520×2500
    XGZY700/2000-40U 700 14000 99 58300 14390×3000×2500
    XGZY800/2000-40U 800 16000 107 624460 15770×3000×2500
    XGZY900/2000-40U 900 18000 127 66620 17150×3000×2500
    XGZY1000/2000-40U 1000 20000 141 70780 18530×3000×2500


    Industrial Mechanical Filter Press With 1250*1250mm Filter Plate 4kw Motor Power

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